The product range

We have a diversified product portfolio and at the same time we can customize any type of product depending on the client’s needs

Product ranges polyethylene

Foil and films

Thermo-contractible foil and film
Tubular foil (type trouser)
FFS foil

Warning films

Water warning films
Gutter warning films
Electricity warning film
Gas warning films
Fiber optic warning films
White-red signalling films


Side weld bags
Bottom weld bags
Round bottom bags
Bags with flap
Bags with side folds
Bags for automatic packaging machines
Bags with bottom folds


Sacks for general use
Garbage sacks
Coat hanger sacks (covers for hangars)
Sacks for fruits and vegetables
Industrial sacks


General use covers
Thermo-contractible covers
Customized covers

Shopping bags

Banana type shopping bag
T-shirt type bag

Product ranges polypropylene (CPP)

Polypropylene Films  (CPP)

CPP films for lamination
CPP films for confections
Folded CPP films

Polypropylene bags (CPP)

Bags with flap
Bags with bottom folds
Bags with side folds
Bakery bags for automatic packaging machines

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