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Polimed is one of the most important Romanian family businesses, with over 20 years of experience on the market of plastic products, period in which it has invested in technology and has accumulated enough know-how to produce high quality products.

It is a company well known nationally and internationally which shows technological capacity and competitiveness of its products. Furthermore, it undertakes the role of business consultant with its partners, regardless that it is a new collaborator that it assists within the selection of the best product or a long lasting client to which it improves the offer when the technological progress or the production cost allows it. The support offered to the clients, comes to preventing the situations in which the client does not hold all the information regarding the best solution for its needs due to the lack of technical knowledge of the products. This approach represents a measure to attract new clients and to enhance the loyalty of the existing ones.

Polimed is the first producer of Cast foil in Romania and at the same time one of the most important producers of polyethylene. The quality of the products is due to focus on client satisfaction and the delivery time is advantageous.

The company has also developed its own distribution network by increasing its fleet to 18 cars and employing qualified staff thus, ensuring the raw material supply and safety and within deadline delivery of products to the clients

Why our approach is different?

We offer counselling to clients in order to do some customized products from the point of view of structure and composition taking into account customer typology and the sector in which it operates, thus responding to the needs they are communicating us.
Through a pro active collaboration, we take measures to research the range of needs and particularities that govern the economic activity of the clients (technical aspects, destination of the product, requirements regarding safety, strength, etc.) in order to increase the level of satisfaction and the possibility of future collaborations. We believe that the perception and the appreciation of the clients regarding the quality of the products is essential for the economic growth of both parties involved, to create the effect of multiplication of the economic benefits at market level and not least for the sustainability of the company.

Quality guarantee

Continuous improvement of production quality is a constant goal that Polimed undertook, knowing that building quality is a process that never ends a process in continuous development and expansion.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications show the general level of company performance, the degree of accomplishment of the policy adopted and of the goals set, transparency and efficiency of the internal processes of the company.

At present, the quality management system ISO 19001 is guided by the four key steps: Plan, Do, Check, Act.

Drawings up an action plan, as well as, adopting effective measures to improve the process are also important in order to remain active and to align to the conditions of market competition.

The advantages of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification,  are highlighted both on short term through a more efficient monitoring of the production based on quality, and on long term, allowing drawing up some perspective organizational policies.


We are constantly preoccupied to measure and to reduce our footprint – the “trace “we leave on earth and the consequences that the production activities of our company have on the environment.

Thus, in order to reduce the impact that the consumption of fuel and energy, commercial waste and production waste, have on the environment we have invested 1.1 million Euro in the production of energy from renewable sources.

We have also founded a plastic products waste recovery workshop worth 500.000 thousands Euro, this being equipped with a high tech regranulation line for EREMA type waste. This activity is separated from the production activity and takes into consideration the recovery of the recycling materials and rationalization of resources.

In what concerns the relation with our customers, we inform them that our products are 100% recyclable and we offer them the possibility to return the waste in order to recycle and reuse it.

Furthermore, in our counselling activity we take into consideration to find a solution to reduce the weight of the packages supplied, taking into account the environmental aspects. Through these actions, we wish to implement sustainable development principles for companies by combating environmental pollution and encouraging our partners to adopt a sustainable environment policy regarding the packaging process, ways of recycling, etc.

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